Frequently Asked Questions

We have used this page to answer any questions you might have. If there is anything we have not answered please send us an enquiry via our contact page!

How long does it take the band to set up?
It takes the band around 1.5 hours to fully set up and sound check. Please allow us enough time to fully set and change clothes before our start time. Sound check can be rather loud, so please consider this if you plan to be having a meal in the same room.

Can you play music in between sets?
While we are not a disco, we are able to play a selection of music through our system to ensure that the party doesn't stop and the dance floor never empties! If you would prefer to provide your own music playlist to be played throughout the evening we are happy to play any CD, CDR's, ipods and memory sticks through our system.

What will the band wear?
The band will perform dressed according the function. We normally appear in smart-casual attire.

How much space do you need?
While we try to keep our size to a minimum, having a live drummer means we must accomodate a full drum kit. Please try to ensure we have, at the very least, a 5 square meter area for us to set up on. Along with the band is also our own sound engineer, Stan, who will need a small amount of space in your venue front of the band. We can usually tuck him away discreetly in a corner. He doesn't mind.

Can you learn a special song for my event?
Given enough time, and if the song is suitable to our line-up, it may be possible to learn a certain song for your wedding or party. Just ask!

How loud is the band?
Unlike many other bands, Bias is 100% LIVE, including a live drummer. Our noise level must take into account the live drums and therefore it can be difficult to "turn down" by request. We do however have with us an extremely skilled and experienced sound engineer who knows exactly how to keep the band sounding just right for your venue. Please let us know if the your venue is equipped with sound limiters which can have an effect on our performance.


How much does the band cost?

The cost of booking the band can vary dramatically based on a variety of factors including distance, when you would like us set by and finishing times.
Please use our contact page if you would like to enquire about booking costs. When making an enquiry, we ask that you please specify the location of your event.
We are not motivated by money and do try and keep the band as affordable as we possibly can be!

Can I see you play before I book?
Unfortunately, most of the functions we play are private events.  We do however, occassionally play public gigs in pubs in the area to which potential clients are more than welcome to attend.
Public gigs will be listed on our Facebook and Twitter page or we can let you know if one is coming up near you.

Any other requirements?
Besides having space which is both safe and adequate in size, we will, obviously, need adequate access to electricity.We will also need a warm and dry place for us to change clothes if you wish us to be dressed appropriately.
Keep in mind also that while we thoroughly enjoy what we do, it can be a very long day and we may have driven some distance to get to you.  A meal during big events (buffet is fine) and a cup of tea is always very appreciated!